metalsistem-logo-01Pandae Storage has a comprehensive range of light (METALSISTEM UNIRACK), medium and heavy duty (METALSISTEM SUPERBO) racking systems, as well as customised system (SUPERINOX) available to address client individual storage requirements and will create maximum storage capacity with minimum space.

Our light duty racking system is especially suitable for quick handling in wholesale or retail environments. Our popular medium and heavy duty racking systems are used for multi-location storage and can facilitate quick handling in a store, wholesale or parts warehouse.

The ideal solution for storage of over-sized goods or bulky items is Cantilever racking. Specialised automotive storage for fanbelts, body parts hanging rack, bumper and glass racking, tie rod and link rack as well as u-bolt racking are just a few of the specialised storage systems that Pandae focus on for the automotive industry.

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